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Aurora - Spher Flo 614 Series Sewage Pump

Aurora - Spher Flo 614 Series Sewage Pump

Features & Specifications:

The population explosion along with a broader understanding of the water pollution problem has brought about the need for more and better sewage treatment facilities. The installations of today and tomorrow demand more economical and reliable sewage pumping equipment. Longer life has become essential to overall pump performance. Aurora Pump has recognized the need for heavy duty, efficient, non-clog pumps for the wastewater industry.  Aurora Pump is featuring the Series 610 Spher–Flo heavy duty horizontal and vertical non-clog pumps. This is the Aurora solution to wastewater pumping problems.


  • Hoizontal and Vertical
  • Solids-Handling Sewage Treatment
  • Vertical Design with Elevated Driver Coupled Directly to the Pump
  • Design Recommended where Floor Space is Not Available and Flooding Chances are Low

Vertical Design with Direct Coupling Advantages Include:

  • Space Savings Where Floor Space is Limited
  • Motor Base has a Registered Fit and Fastened to a Separate Motor Support Assuring Alignment
  • Loads Concentrated Separate Pump Adapter Eliminating Strain and Misalignment of Bearing Housing


  • Capacities:  20,000 G.P.M. (4542 M3/HR)
  • Heads:  250 Feet (76 Meters)
  • Temperatures:  250°F (121°C)
  • Discharge Sizes:  6" (15.2 cm) thru 20" (50.8 cm)

Product Information:

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)