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Sandpiper - AirVantage Pump Device

Sandpiper - AirVantage Pump Device

Features & Specifications:

The Sandpiper® AirVantage, energy saving technology is an energy saving air distribution device for air operated double diaphragm pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional AODD pumps.

AirVantage is equipped with an on-board learning program where airflow is modulated to optimize energy usage. In addition to energy savings, customers who use the Sandpiper EST appreciate greater overall air capacity for their facility, advancing their entire process to be more efficient and cost effective.


  • Reduces energy up to 50% and maintains comparable flow
  • Self adjusts to changing process conditions
  • Powered by air, no electricity or batteries required
  • For use with the Sandpiper 2" and 3" standard duty metallic pump. Additional Models and materials to come
  • Capacity is 0 to 235 gpm
  • Pressure is 0 to 125 psi
  • Solids-handling is to .38"
  • Air Valve: non-stall “No Lube – Externally Serviceable” design

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)