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Fusion - Flow Series Right Angle Mixer

Fusion - Flow Series Right Angle Mixer

Features & Specifications:

Fusion Fluid Equipment Flow Series Mixer – Right Angle Drive are heavy-duty and flexible.   The Flow Series Right Angle mixers are designed to meet the needs of your large scale mixing applications.


  • Heavy duty, large-scale tank mixers for batch processes or agitation of low or high viscosity materials in storage, holding, or reaction tanks.
  • Mixer-duty electric motors are available in a variety of sizes, phases, and voltages chosen based on your need. Other options include washdown duty, inverter duty, DC electric, and explosion proof motors. Air motors are also available.
  • Many right angle gearbox options are available that require less space in restricted areas:

Helical-bevel gearboxes with double or triple reduction gear arrangements provide quiet operation and extended life. Hundreds of gear ratios are available.

Worm drive gearboxes offering single or double reduction worm gear arrangements allow high shock loading and economical design. Choose from 13 gear ratios to match process requirements.

Minimum of 1.5 mechanical service factor on all gearing and bearings.

  • Virtual drywells and heavy-duty output bearings are typically used on large units for reduced vibration and to allow for longer shaft lengths (available with Helical-Bevel gearboxes). Rigid in-tank couplings used as required.
  • Closed Tank configurations are available with vapor seals, stuffing box glands (up to 150 PSI) and single or double mechanical seals (300+ psi). In-tank shutoff mechanism allows seal changes on side entry mixers without emptying the tank.
  • Stainless Steel components, Steel-It™ USDA–compliant paint, polished shafts and various shaft coatings are available for sanitary applications and chemical resistance.
  • Various impeller styles and mounting options such as ANSI flange mount, TriClamp mount, beam mount are available for your process.


  • Industrial Mixing & Blending
  • Large Scale Sanitary and BioPharm
  • Reaction Tanks
  • Low or High Viscosity Blending
  • Large Scale Waste Treatment

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)