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Aurora - Model 321 Centrifugal pump

Aurora - Model 321 Centrifugal pump

Features & Specifications:

Liquid handling requirements are much more involved than they were five years ago. The variety of liquids being handled has increased along with temperatures and pressures. Today’s installations demand quiet, smooth running pumps with long life. Aurora Pump’s 80 years of experience with design, sales and manufacturing of centrifugal pumps has lead to the 320 Series. These modern pumps with a clean, straightforward design were developed with maximum interchangeability in mind. Let Aurora’s highly reliable 320 Series pumps, offer an economical solution to your liquid handling problems.


  • Low Noise Level with Aurora Close Coupled Motors
  • Vertical Center-Line Discharge Makes Pump Self-Venting, Avoids Vapor Locks and Minimizes Pipe Strain
  • Case Wearing Ring Prevents Wear on Casing and Easily/Inexpensively Replaced
  • Enclosed Impellers Provide Highest Efficiency and Lowest Wear for Long Service Life
  • Variety of End Suction Configurations Available Including Close-Coupled, Flexible Coupled, Horizontal or Vertical-Mounted Pumps

Applications Include:

  • Hot Water Circulating Pumps
  • Cooling Tower Makeup
  • Boiler Feed Service
  • Transfer Service
  • TV & Radar Tube Cooling

Product Information:

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)