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Aurora - Simplex Model 521 Sump Pump

Aurora - Simplex Model 521 Sump Pump

Features & Specifications:

Vertical extended shaft single stage pumps are used to transfer liquid from belowground reservoirs or enclosed tanks. Aurora 520 Series sump pumps are a logical choice for a variety of applications, such as sump drainage in building basements, tunnels, pits, or wherever water gathers and must be emptied into sewers or be elevated above ground. They are popular for handling wash water, boiler pit service, etc. The 2" pump can handle up to 1-1/2" diameter sphere size screened sewage. Aurora Pump understands that operating speeds, ball bearing arrangements, shaft design and construction are all critical design elements in a vertical pumping system. This brochure illustrates how this pump solves these problems and will contribute to the solution of your particular pumping problem.


  • Vertical Extended Single Shaft Centrifugal Pumps
  • Transfers Liquid from Below Ground Reservoirs or Enclosed Tanks


  • Sump Drainage in Building Basements, Tunnels, Pits
  • Handling Wash Water
  • Boiler Pit Service
  • Condensate Service
  • Light Duty Sump Service
  • Dirty Liquid Service


  • CAPACITIES:  110 G.P.M. (25 M3/HR)
  • HEADS:  40 Feet (12 Meters)
  • TEMPERATURES:  180°F (82°C)

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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)