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Truflo - TNP Series Pump

Truflo - TNP Series Pump

Features & Specifications:

Truflo’s TNP Series is a non-metallic magnetic drive pump with a sealless design, no alignment and no coupling required. The pump is maintenance friendly and cost effect.


  • Flow rate to 700 gpm
  • TDH up to 330 feet
  • Temperature ranges from -40 degrees to 250 degrees
  • Current sizes range from 5" to 8" with additional sizes coming soon
  • Commonly pumped chemicals are Caustic, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid


  • SEALLESS DESIGN: Magnetically driven seal-less pump with a combination of materials that allow for the mechanical strength of metal and the corrosion resistance of a non-metallic lining.
  • NON-METALLIC: Ductile iron casing lined with a fluoropolymer.  Our non-metallic rear containment shell eliminates unwanted "edy currents" associated with metal designs.
  • NO ALIGNMENT AND NO COUPLING REQUIRED:  Our close coupled pump configurations require no alignment as the outer drive magnet connects directly to the motor's drive shaft - thus eliminating the need for a coupling.
  • MAINTENANCE FRIENDLY: Our non-rotating shaft and one piece impeller makes our design very maintenance friendly.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The use of TRUFLO TNP non-metallic designed pumps eliminates the need for high alloy metal pumps and complicated and expensive single or double seal systems.  Our designs also incorporate many common parts that allow flexibility on inventory and shared parts usage between sizes.



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Download our Sales Catalog (PDF)